To see the sun

Posted on 2018/01/04

“Sauna is a wonderful place, where you feel like you’re reborn, where you can be with yourself and start to see things from a different perspective. It’s a place where we are naked, without masks, only with our thoughts and feelings,” says sauna master Lienīte Vītiņa-Zustrupa from Jelgava county.

“I think that the older generation has been intimidated to keep silent, to avoid trying and doing. This does not lead up to a sonorous, free, beautiful and fulfilled life. You have to go and talk, you have to be honest with yourself and others,” invites Lienīte.

“I believe that people who live and work, and do the things they love – they shine and sing in the core of their soul. This is my vision of Latvia: everyone does what they love to do and share it with others,” her wish shares Lienīte.

“I love my home, my plains of Zemgale. I can see the sun rising up the horizon and I watch it setting down. I love that I can see widely – my thoughts and my mind flies. I feel my Zemgale very deeply.”