To choose happiness

Posted on 2016/12/06

“For me a word is alive. Latvian language is the material that I need to eat up and that I need to consume. To write stories for children is my will and my inner calling,” admits writer of adventure stories for children Luīze Pastore.

“That I believe is also very inspiring, that we are very versatile. There is some type of energy here, there are new things happening all the time. A person is not a static being. You are a piece of clay that you mold yourself. it’s completely fine that people try out anything. You don’t need to be afaid of misfortune or failing,” Luīze is convinced.

“Happiness is just a choice, if you have shadows in front, on the other side there will be sun. My heroes, no matter what they do, they just want to be happy,” says Luīze.

“That’s simply the case – everything changes. Latvia changes as well.”