To be free

Posted on 2018/01/03

“The biggest problem is that teenagers don’t know what to do. The right hobby close to your heart or the work that you want to do in life is right next to you. Just stop and understand, what has been around you all this time – that is your passion, the job for you,” invites Gatis Kondrāts – an organiser of acrobatic shows from Ogre.

“If you really want something from the bottom of your heart and will go for it, you will succeed. All of the world will join together, so that you can succeed. I believe that I will succeed and on the foundation of this belief I work, act and evolve myself,” says Gatis.

“There is a lack of motivation, lack of people that wouldn’t follow the flow. People are afraid of themselves, but there is no need to be afraid,” Gatis is certain.

“You shouldn’t be scared of your dreams and goals. I like to be free and in life. You have to enjoy life and take everything that it can give to you.”