From unemployed to an entrepreneur

Posted on 2016/12/06

“If you do something, you make mistakes, and you learn from those mistakes and you try to not make those mistakes again,” says owner of bakery in Aizpute Sandris Štāls.

“The most real experience is this experience of life, when you go yourself, take care of things, and try to solve problems. Then you will know as much as you need to know,” he stresses.

“When I got the first rejection, I thought that it will be it – it didn’t work out, I will have to think of something else. But then I thought – because two people just told that you won’t do anything then you actually won’t do anything? Don’t you want to prove to them that you can do it?”

“I recommend that everyone tries, if you want to then you should do it, and that is every persons opportunity, no door is closed,” wishes  Sandris.