To see the sun

“Sauna is a wonderful place, where you feel like you’re reborn, where you can be with yourself and start to see things from a different perspective. It’s a place where we are naked, without masks, only with our thoughts and feelings,” says sauna master Lienīte Vītiņa-Zustrupa from Jelgava county.

The land of opportunities

“It is not so important if I am a president or just another inhabitant. The importance lies inside – how we connect ourselves with our land,” says Ieva Karpoviča leader of children vocal studio in Bauska.

A movement in the opposite direction

“it is not only Latvia’s but a world tendency that people are moving to the cities. My family and my friends around are an example that this movement can be the opposite,” tells Nikijs Kalns who has chosen a countryside lifestyle in Liezēre parish.

To be free

“The biggest problem is that teenagers don’t know what to do. The right hobby close to your heart or the work that you want to do in life is right next to you. Just stop and understand, what has been around you all this time – that is your passion, the job for you,” invites Gatis Kondrāts – an organiser of acrobatic shows from Ogre.

To choose happiness

“For me a word is alive. Latvian language is the material that I need to eat up and that I need to consume. To write stories for children is my will and my inner calling,” admits writer of adventure stories for children Luīze Pastore.

From unemployed to an entrepreneur

“If you do something, you make mistakes, and you learn from those mistakes and you try to not make those mistakes again,” says owner of bakery in Aizpute Sandris Štāls.


“It doesn’t really matter if I live in Paris, or in London, or here, in such a small village like Lejasciems. If you have an idea in your mind, all you need to do is believe and realise it,” says designer Laila Uiska.

Latvia is my country

When Aleksandrs Lukša was seven years old more than anything else he wanted to dance, but educators evaluated him as someone that “couldn’t hear music”. Currently he has dance studios in Daugavpils and Rezekne.